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• Naseem Al Barari General Trading and sister company Al Barari Import & Export is a multi-national company with offices in four countries. The company was first established in Amman, Jordan in 1991 as a general trading company. We started our business with tires and batteries as our main items. The company's continuous success and growth over the past twelve years lead to expanding our business activities to include a wide range of products in various fields. We have developed business relationships with traders and factories in more than twenty countries including India, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Morocco, Tanzania, Burundi, Cameroon, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Algeria, Australia, Malaysia, Italy, Bulgaria, Brazil, UK, and USA.

• We managed to import an average of 130 to 150 thousand tires annually into UAE during the last Eight years. This included a wide range of Indonesian, Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese tires in all sizes. In the past few years our ongoing trade volume in tires exceeded six million US dollars in cash and bank LC's. We currently have over four million square feet of warehouse facility strategically located in and around UAE & Iraq that can be dedicated to our tire business in order to ensure effective sales and distribution. We recently acquired two new sales offices in UAE to have a total of four offices dedicated only for the tire business. We also have a total of six sales offices in Iraq dedicated only for the tire business.

• Other businesses include cargo shipping, land transportation, date fruit processing and packaging, cold storage facilities, manufacturing of polypropylene sacks, tannery, hotels, and blending and filling of automotive brake fluids.

• Our company wide annual sales turnover exceeds $100 million covering items including tires, auto spare parts, automotive batteries, food stuff (dates, raisins, herbs, grains, flour, and sugar), fertilizers, and skins of lamb, goat, and cow. Ten to fifteen percent of our annual sales come from the tire business.

UAE Locations :

1. Head Office – Naseem Al Barari General Trading Company, L.L.C.Al Dana Center,
P.O. Box 22927 - Fourth Floor, Suite 403-404, Dubai, UAE
2.      Naseem Al Barari Branch, Al maktoum Hospital St., Deira, Dubai, UAE
3.      Naseem Al Barari Auto Spare Parts, L.L.C., Yousuf Baker Road, Deira, Dubai, UAE
4.      Naseem Al Barari Tourism and Cargo, Hamriyah Port, Dubai, UAE
5.      Naseem Al Barari General Land Transport, P. O. Box 22927, Dubai, UAE
6.      Dubai, Dates Factory, 13 th Industrial Area, Sharjah, UAE
7. Sharjah Cold Storage Facility,13 th Industrial Area, Sharjah, UAE
8. Naseem Al Barari Branch, Abu-Dhabi Industrial Area “Tires & Batteries”
9. Naseem Al Barari Branch, Sharjah Industrial Area “Tires & Batteries”

* Several warehouse facilities are located in UAE totaling over one hundred thousand square feet of storage space. These warehouses are located in Dubai and Sharjah.

Iraq Locations:

1. Head Office - Al Barari Import & Export, Baghdad, Iraq.
2. Al Barari Showrooms (4 tire shops), Karrada, Tire and Battery Market, Baghdad, Iraq
3 .     Al Waha Tanning Company LTD., Al Thiqa Bldg., Al Mansour, Baghdad, Iraq.
4. Al Sharqiya Polypropylene Sack Factory, Jarf Al Naddaf, Baghdad, Iraq.
5. Al Safina Hotel, Karbalaa', Iraq.
6. Al Haditha Automotive Fluid Blending Plant, Jarf Al Naddaf, Baghdad, Iraq.

* Several warehouse facilities are located in Iraq totaling over four million square feet of storage space. These warehouses are located in Baghdad, Rashidiya, Baa'gooba, Karbalaa, and Basra

Other Locations / Facilities
1.     NAB Industries, P.O. Box 1192, Niles, Michigan, USA 49120
2. Al Barari Import & Export, P.O. Box 183261, Amman, Jordan
3.     Naseem Al Barari, Marsin Port, Marsin, Turkey

WE maintained a trading and stock volume in excess of three million US dollars for our UAE tire market.

  • Perform the required market analysis to predict the potential market for Aurora tire.
  • Work closely to plan, develop, and implement the most effective marketing strategy and marketing programme in the UAE Market. This includes a comprehensive advertising campaign, promotions, etc.
  • Train sales personnel on marketing techniques specific to the tire-related services.
  • Coordinate for the purpose of remodeling our main showroom in accordance with the tires requirements for effective product presentation.
  • Establish sales branches in all of the major counties in UAE.
  • Establish service centers in key areas to perform sales and after sales services and ensure customers and distributors satisfaction.
  • Conduct monthly, quarterly, and annual market reports and feed back with analysis and predictions of expected market changes to improve market share of tires.
  • Continue to search for methods to enhance our marketing and service ability of the Tire to ensure unsurpassed tire success in this market.

    • Dubai agent for Mega Tires. Other traded brands include Michelin, Dunlop, Sumitomo, Falken, Toyo, Silver Stone, and Marshal.
    • Agent for the Emirates Dates Factory in North Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe.
    • Large variety of herbs and spices.
    • Large variety of seeds and grains.
    • Several private tea labels including Albarari, Altofaha, and Almokhtar.
    • Private label (NAB Industries) for several automotive fluids including brake fluid, silicon gasket maker, fuel injector cleaner, and motor stop smoke.
    • Wide range of genuine and non-genuine truck and passenger auto spare parts. Brands include Federal Mogul, Hastings Piston Rings, Sachs, and Glyco.
    • Agents for the Korean Solite and Indigo automotive batteries in UAE, Iraq, Libya, and few African countries.
    • Agents for the Indonesian Kayaba Automotive batteries in UAE and Iraq
    • Safety Matches
    • Cigarette Lighters
    • Wet blue chrome lamb skin, goat skin, and cow hide.
    • Raw unprocessed lamb wool.
    • Satellite receivers
    • Daewoo Home appliances
    • Samsung Electronics.


    • General trading.
    • Business development and representation.
    • Land Transportation throughout the UAE.
    • Crane services.
    • Cargo sea shipping to and from UAE, Iraq, India, and Somalia.
    • Documents handling.
    • Re-export services.


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